Cord Shoes and Boots is an Atlanta-based company making shoes, boots, and leather goods.

Get to Know Us

Cord Shoes and Boots produces quality footwear and accessories using traditional construction methods, resulting in products that are comfortable, durable, and long lasting. We design and make shoes, boots, and leather goods in our shop in Atlanta, GA. Our pride in the craft of shoemaking and leatherworking is evident in the quality of our designs, the integrity of our products, and the transparency of our manufacturing process.

How We Abide

Cord was founded in 2013 with the belief that less can be better. From our initial prototyping stage to the development of our ready-to-wear line, we hoped to inspire our customers to buy better things instead of more things. A spirit of traditional craftsmanship and modern sustainability propelled our first projects to market.

After almost two years of designing and producing one-off and single-run footwear, Cord introduced its flagship line of men’s and women’s boots in the fall of 2014. While most brands put a large premium on variety, volume, and speed to market, we dedicated ourselves to producing a small, carefully curated product line.

In the winter of 2018, we retired our primary collection in order to focus on limited release designs. These shoes, boots, and accessories are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cord creates modern footwear inspired by time-tested and classic styles. From our lasts to our patterns, we design with an uncompromising attention to detail. We make shoes that a customer buys to wear season after season.

Put good in, get good out. The materials make the product. We know where our materials come from and how they are made. Our shoes and accessories are made using leather tanned to specification by the Boaventura family in Alcanena, Portugal.

Some of the finest leather in the world, the leather used in our uppers and accessories originates from the best quality full grain hides in the Iberian Peninsula. Drawing on nearly 100 years of excellence and tradition, the Curtumes Boaventura Tannery processes its leather completely from raw material to finished hides. Boaventura leather is produced using a classic tannage from their proprietary recipe, followed by a retannage utilizing high-tech waterproofing systems, and then it is finished with anilines and oils to give the leather its rare and complex appearance.

We don't like the short cuts taken in most high volume manufacturing operations. All our products are made by hand and carefully inspected at every phase of production. We believe in taking the time to hand cut our patterns and hand last every shoe. While our careful construction methods ensure long term wear and comfort, our small scale allows for the attentiveness and level of customer service you won't find with other footwear brands.

Cord Shoes and Boots are made using 100% sewn construction, not cementing or bonding. This creates durable shoes that can be re-soled and repaired, not thrown away. We build shoes and boots for the long haul.

Buy Good Shoes. Support Good Dogs.

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Cord loves dogs, so we support organizations that do good for them and recognize their extraordinary talents. Currently, we donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of our dog collars to Southeastern Guide Dogs, a non-profit dedicated to the task of helping blind men and women achieve independence through the means of a guide dog. Learn more at

Cord + Atlanta Underdog Initiative
Cord + Atlanta Underdog Initiative